Durban Ramblers Hiking Club

Upcoming Hikes

Saturday 9 Dec - Summerveld Shongweni Circuit
Sunday 10 Dec - Old Baldy (iSithumba)
Saturday 16 Dec - Members Only: Alverstone end of year hike and braai
Sunday 17 Dec - Sunrise Promenade Walk, Sunday Social
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About Us

Since its inception in 1932 Durban Ramblers has been organising guided hiking and walking trips in some of the most beautiful areas of our province. With hikes on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays we offer something to excite everyone from beginners to seasoned hikers.  If you would like to experience some of the awe-inspiring and often little known areas of KZN with like minded enthusiasts, why not join us on one of our hikes… It could change your life.

There are three hikes per week designed to cater to the differing needs and aspirations of our members

Sunday Hikes
For the real enthusiast we offer day hikes on Sundays that range from 12Km to 20Km over terrain that varies from well trodden to wild. Experienced hike leaders will advise on the suitability of their hike for individual members

Saturday Hikes
Hikes on Saturday afternoons cater for hikers at all levels and range from 8Km to 14Km. Starting at 2pm most hikes are completed by 5pm. These hikes are usually held within the greater Durban area to minimise travelling time

Wednesday Hikes
Very popular with retired folk or those working flexi time these hikes are every bit as demanding as the Saturday hikes. Setting out at 9am and finishing around noon the members generally stay on to share a social picnic lunch

Weekends Away
Every quarter at least one long weekend of hiking is arranged at remote resorts that offer a variety of exhilarating and inspiring trails. Invariably sold out it is advisable to book early for these weekends

Hikes are carefully chosen to expose members not only to the popular trails that abound our fair province but also to new and challenging trails that are constantly being developed by our trail leaders. Members are often astounded at the beauty of these places of which many have neither seen nor heard.

When like minded folk get together for our common cause there is always much chat and laughter that accompany the group. Friends are made, muscles challenged and lungs gasp the clean air often so scarce in our city. After hikes, groups invariably repair to a local pub to quench a thirst, rest weary limbs and exaggerate their day’s achievement

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