Hiking Rules

Good hike leaders are hard to come by. Follow your leader’s instructions without question or dissent.Hike leaders may use their discretion as to who can be allowed on the hike. The decision will take into consideration the hikers fitness level and the degree of difficulty of the hike.

The hike leader will set the pace. Do not walk ahead of the leader.

Stay with the main body of hikers, under no circumstances wander off or trail the group.

Should you have any medical problem inform the hike leader before the hike commences.

Smoking is prohibited for the full duration of the hike.

Littering is strictly prohibited.

Flora and Fauna may not be damaged, removed or interfered with in any way.

Sufficient water and suitable clothing for inclement weather must be carried. If in doubt consult your hike leader for advice on the morning of the hike.

You are required to carry your own first aid essentials.

Your contact details, ID number and medical aid number should be carried on your person in case of an emergency.

It is advisable to take your cell phone on the hike and to ensure that you have the hike leader’s cell number. Phone calls during the hike should be avoided wherever possible unless in case of an emergency.

The carrying of firearms is strictly forbidden on hikes. If a hiker is found guilty of the offence, the hike leader shall ask he/she to leave the hike immediately.

A sense of humour is not essential but is a very distinct advantage.