Hiking Archives


Mariannhill Monastery

28 June 2011

Erica led a very informative tour of the Monastery. The buildings are beautifully constructed and decorated


Umlalazi Mtunzini

10 June 2011

A very unspoilt area on the North Coast, only two hours from Durban. Raffia Palms, Mangroves, River Estuary and lush coastal forest abound



08 June 2011

Eleven Hikers braved a chilly day to hike in horse country. It was a marvellous hike


Nqutu Gorge & Inanda Dam

05 June 2011

Once again Ramblers enjoyed a great long weekend away, this time at Lake Eland near Oribi Gorge on the South Coast


Lake Eland – Oribi Gorge

22 Apr 2011

Once again Ramblers enjoyed a great long weekend away, this time at Lake Eland near Oribi Gorge on the South Coast


Karkloof – Shafton

10 Apr 2011

Sunday's hike at Karkloof was short and easy, but nevertheless very interesting and enjoyable. It was on the same day as the Karkloof mountain bike race which added an extra dimension to the hike


Kranzkloof – The Crack

09 Apr 2011

Once again Ann led the Saturday hikers on a spectacular hike at Kranzkloof, this time to the impressive 'Crack' a large chasm about two meters wide which is much favoured by rock face climbers


Gromor/Bartlett Estate

06 Apr 2011

On Sunday we had perfect hiking weather after all the heat we have had over the last few months. We started from the hotel at Inchanga in the drizzle and mist, which was not at all unpleasant


Salimba Farm, Richmond

27 Mar 2011

Sunday's hike at Salimba could have been a total disaster, but instead it turned out to be such a great success and an adventure that we will definitely have to repeat again this year for all those that missed it


Soras Pools – Krantzkloof

23 Mar 2011

This was a Wednesday walk in very hot and humid conditions… 31 degrees!



16 Mar 2011

Summerveld is such a pretty area to walk in


Richmond to Joseph Baynes Cottage

13 Mar 2011

What brilliant hike we had on Sunday – 21 of us walked over varied scenery and terrain from Richmond to Joseph Baines' cottage, which was perched up high above Baynesfield


Stainbank Nature Reserve

09 Mar 2011

Be Warned! Stainbank Nature Reserve is quite literally crawling with ticks!


Mount Moreland

05 Mar 2011

One of the great things about belonging to Ramblers is that, as time goes on, you get to know people and so the outing is not just about getting some exercise



27 Feb 2011

Margie's inimitable leadership style took us with laughs aplenty through acres of waving cane fields, past picturesque dams, over rolling hills to stretch our legs and through …



19 Feb 2011

The hike on Saturday afternoon was very good, and of course, so enjoyable to hike with PMB Ramblers


Summerveld/Delville Wood

06 Feb 2011

This quarter's Club Hike to Delville Wood was varied enough to please all tastes and the 43 hikers who braved the February heat and humidity were very well rewarded